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        The JITBox/JETBox/TAXIBox series designed and developed by ALSCO are used in highway express transportation boxes and other scenarios.

        • Improve circulation efficiency
          suitable for loading flatbed trucks and full container loading in containers;
        • . Improve transportation and loading efficiency
          the total mass of the box is about 1/3 lighter than an iron box of the same specification.
        • Help reduce carbon emissions
          The materials of the box can be recycled and reused, helping to reduce carbon emissions and achieve corporate social responsibility.
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        Model Outer Size Inner Size Volume (m3) Total box weight Maximum load
        M1(8FT) 2550*2170*1400 2500*2130*1235 6.6 290 3000
        L2(10FT) 2550*3000*2800 2465*2930*2630 18.9 800 6000

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