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      1. Sleeve box
        Flexible loading, no restrictions
        helping customers reduce packaging logistics costs and optimize supply chain efficiency
        Four-way forklift
        Waterproof and dustproof
        Customizable lining for use
        Large load capacity

        When traditional carton and wooden box packaging is replaced by recycling equipment, difficult management, high costs, and waste of resources are no longer constraints to industry development. ALSCO Sleeve boxes are widely used in the packaging production, turnover, transportation, and warehousing of auto parts,truly helping customers reduce packaging logistics costs and optimize supply chain efficiency.

        High folding ratio
        Subtle details reduce cost
        When the boxes are loaded in the carriage, the exquisite box size is perfectly integrated with the carriage body, so that the carriage can accommodate the maximum number of passengers regardless of the journey. After testing, the design with a high folding ratio can save up to 85% of space on the return trip. In a limited compartment, the Schinna box helps you reduce costs in subtle ways.
        Flexible combination and packaging
        Single-person operation, saving time and effort
        The bottom cover enclosure is modular in design and can be replaced individually, resulting in high utilization rate. When packing, you can choose the nesting method or the sandwich method. The operation is simple and labor-saving. Skilled workers can assemble or fold a hoarding box in 10 seconds.
        Customizable lining
        Users can choose and customize different forms of linings such as honeycomb panels, hollow panels, and blister trays according to the size, weight, and characteristics of the product to avoid shifting and collision and provide exclusive protection for various parts.Select suitable packaging materials according to the different attributes of the user's products to carry out customized lining designs, including foam materials, thermoforming materials and other processes to provide exclusive protection for various parts.
        The reliability of our products
        comes from our continuous efforts and verification
        All products of ALSCO have been verified by third-party testing agencies authorized by Ista.
        Stacking bump test
        Two boxes are stacked with full load, and irregular fold lines are used to simulate the terrain. The bumps encountered on the real road are used to simulate the terrain conditions to test the seismic resistance and firmness of the hoarding. Each stage of the test process will cause different degrees of vibration. To simulate various situations encountered on the real road.
        Stacked climbing test
        Two boxes are stacked with full load, and the overall structural stability of the box is measured when climbing, whether it will collapse, etc.
        Freezing test
        Test the overall structure and material impact resistance of the box in a low temperature environment.
        Pressure resistance test
        The upper platen of the press continues to exert pressure on the product, and stops exerting pressure when the maximum pressure drops by 10%.
        Drop test
        The product was dropped three times in succession at normal temperature and low temperature, with the measured object being 1.2m above the ground.
        Impact test
        The impact test is divided into inclined plane impact and horizontal impact. Each side of the product is impacted at a final speed of 1.1m/s to test the impact resistance of the product.
        Sleeve box
        Four-way forklift Waterproof and dustproof Customizable lining for use Large load capacity
        Sleeve box
        型號Model 外形寸Outer Size 內形寸Inner Size 圍板尺寸Folded Height 重量Weight 應用載重Dynamic Loading(kg)
        N0. L*W(mm) L2*W2*H2(mm) (mm) (kg) 3500g 4200g
        CS8 1200*800 1140*740*(H-200) 1162*762*(H-120) 27.5 250 320
        CS10 1200*1000 1135*957*(H-200) 1157*762*(H-120) 31 250 350
        CT12 1220*1140 1160*1080*(H-200) 1182*1102*(H-120) 38.4 250 350
        CT13 1300*1140 1235*1075*(H-200) 1257*1097*(H-120) 38.4 250 350
        CT15 1470*1140 1405*1075*(H-200) 1427*1097*(H-120) 44.5 250 350
        CT16 1600*1140 1545*1085*(H-200) 1567*1107*(H-120) 45 250 350
        The standard height:760/780/900/940/1000/1120/1150/1180mm

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