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      1. Solution
        Alsco mode
        Natural network
        Having been deeply involved in the industry for many years, ALSCO has formed a strong natural network based on customer needs. As a professional integrated service solution provider, our natural network plus the Internet of Things set up in forward transportation, instant recycling, reverse logistics, shared rental, and box dispatching can efficiently meet the diverse needs of customers.
        The super liquidity brought by the ALSCO rental and sharing system can truly achieve the goals of increasing efficiency, reducing costs, saving energy and reducing carbon for enterprises and the world.
        • Changchun
          自然資源部 監制
        Covering city
        Business partner
        Double circulation
        Outer circulation – the dual circulation system created by ALSCO breaks the traditional reliance on disposable packaging in the world, introduces returnable and reusable high-quality packaging to the market, leads the world’s green future, and gains world-wide success in the development process unanimously recognized by high-quality enterprises.
        Integrated services
        Integrated service, do every step carefullyFrom design to solution integration, road testing to independent production, procurement, and operation, ALSCO has formed an intelligent analysis and scheduling system through digital unit packaging to integrate and simplify the packaging and transportation process, and accurately and strictly control every link. Our expertise is obvious to all.
        Good at work
        Carefully design packaging solutions, taking into account every detail, aiming to efficiently provide customers with the best packaging possibilities. After careful design by the R&D technical team, we adhere to the road test process to ensure that the actual process is as smooth as silk, avoid possible risks, and run smoothly after starting the project.
        ALSCO Group has two wholly-owned manufacturing plants and vertically integrates the entire supply chain. By accurately controlling the production process, ALSCO will present the most perfect answer to customers. The quality of our care can be felt with your hands.
        The craftsmanship spirit of ALSCO comes from our Chinese temperament. Based on our more than 20 years of experience focusing on the transportation industry, our products are of high quality and quantity; our services are immediate and timely, only for the sustainable development and popularization of the recyclable unit packaging industry.
        Quality lies in action
        Quality lies in action: precise control of every link reflects ALSCO's ultimate pursuit of quality. Optimizing the solution process, optimizing packaging quality, and maximizing customer benefits are the driving force for our continuous progress.
        Create something new
        Our technical team is constantly learning and improving, aiming to provide you with the best global packaging solutions. Whether it is product materials, solution design, or operation management, our innovation will bring lasting effects at every step.
        Digital intelligent management
        ALSCO invests heavily in digital technology to realize intelligent operation management: these digital technologies improve management efficiency, help ALSCO achieve precise scheduling, reduce waste, achieve lean operations, and maximize the value of existing resources, which also makes ALSCO a leader in the industry. It is in a leading position and has significant competitive advantages.We will continue to increase investment in digitalization, continuously improve management levels, and create greater value for customers: We believe that the use of digital technology will greatly change the management methods and business models of the packaging industry. This requires ALSCO to continue to explore and innovate, keep pace with the times, and grasp the digital development trend. We also hope to collaborate and communicate with more companies to jointly promote industrial change and upgrading.
        IoT RPS returnable packaging management process
        Lot unpackaged self-tracking system
        - 每日自動盤點 - 防盜。防占用
        - 監測貨物運輸過程風險 - 監測物流運輸倉儲風險
        loT RPS適應不通場景的智能模塊
        Digital intelligence value
        Interface with customer systems to share packaging operation data to achieve collaborative management and further improve resource utilization.
        Enhance big data analysis capabilities, establish packaging operation models, conduct simulation experiments, discover operational risks in advance, and guide management decisions.
        Continue to iterate tracking technologies such as RFID and BLE to expand the scope of monitoring, generate more accurate and detailed packaging operation data, and discover more operational opportunities.
        Develop a packaging operation monitoring and early warning system and use artificial intelligence technology to achieve real-time early warning of abnormalities and reduce operational losses.
        Digital means continue to advance, gradually realizing driverless forklifts, AGV automatic handling, etc., reducing manual operations and improving work efficiency.

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