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        Auto parts
        Solution value

        The solution value runs through the entire operation process and is committed to reducing costs, increasing efficiency, reducing carbon and saving energy.

        • Reduce packaging investment
          Reduce non-production investment, customers only need to rent according to actual needs.
        • Flexible production management
          Standardized packaging brings convenience to logistics operations, and sufficient supply helps flexibly cope with production fluctuations.
        • Help reduce carbon emissions
          The average number of turnovers per box is more than 50, promoting the green and low-carbon nature of the automotive supply chain and enterprises.
        Solutions classification

        At present, 85% of parts can be designed with standard packaging based on size standards to meet transportation needs, while the remaining 15% of parts require non-standard packaging and the packaging size can be customized according to specific requirements. Whether it is standard or non-standard, with cushioning lining, it can meet industry needs. ALSCO provides comprehensive parts packaging solutions for automotive power systems, electrical systems, chassis systems and body systems.

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        Model Outer Size Inner Size Volume (m3) Total box weight Maximum load
        M1(8FT) 2550*2170*1400 2500*2130*1235 6.6 290 3000
        M1(8FT) 2550*2170*1400 2500*2130*1235 6.6 290 3000
        An automobile engine overall packaging project
        A well-known automobile OEM has one factory in place A and one in place B.
        Project process

        ALSCO will deliver the packaging to the parts supplier, and then the ALSCO logistics department will pick up the goods and send them to locations A and B. ALSCO is responsible for recycling the packaging, cleaning and maintenance, and finally returning it to the parts supplier.

        Project innovation

        Model change: from multiple packaging suppliers to ALSCO whole package, from one-to-many to one-to-one
        Optimized packaging: Traditional packaging is optimized into lightweight, foldable, recyclable recycling packaging
        Shared packaging: Utilize ALSCO’s existing FAW-Volkswagen standard packaging for convection and sharing


        Cost reduction: 15% (the customer concluded this after conducting financial accounting on the packaging, logistics and other aspects of the supply chain)
        Packaging standardization: For changes in packaging requirements, there is no need to use one-to-many;
        Environmental protection: waste reduced by 52%

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