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        New energy vehicles
        Solution value

        The global automobile industry is going through an important stage of transformation and upgrading. The "dual-carbon strategy" is promoting the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry. On the basis of fully understanding the process and supply chain characteristics of the new energy industry, ALSCO closely integrates storage, transportation, online and other scenarios, and is the first to launch packaging solutions suitable for various scenarios of new energy, realizing the transformation from traditional automobile zero Replication and promotion of components to new energy application scenarios.

        • Improve operating efficiency
          All packaging supports direct online processing, and fully automatic robot grabbing improves operating efficiency.
        • Has protective properties
          The packaging used for the transportation of dangerous goods has been approved and certified and passed a variety of tests.
        • Green and low-carbon
          It can be used multiple times, reducing solid waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting green and low-carbon;

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